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Taylor Harris: Nurturing Growth and Creativity in New Direction Childcare's Toddlers

Taylor Harris: Nurturing Growth and Creativity in New Direction Childcare's Toddlers
Taylor Harris: Nurturing Growth and Creativity in New Direction Childcare's Toddlers
"Advocating for and protecting children is not just a role; it's a calling that feels most natural to me." — Taylor Harris, New Direction Childcare Assistant Teacher
Meet Taylor Harris
Meet Taylor Harris

In the lively corridors of New Direction Childcare, Taylor Harris stands out as an assistant teacher who brings enthusiasm, empathy, and a pioneering spirit to the toddler classroom. With just over a year at New Direction, Taylor has made a significant impact, driven by a deep commitment to protect and advocate for children. We caught up with Taylor to learn more about the motivations, experiences, and teaching strategies that make her a beloved figure among students and parents.

A Calling Rooted in Advocacy

Taylor's journey into education was inspired by a desire to stand up for and support the most vulnerable. "Being a protector and advocate for children seemed like the most natural role for me," Taylor explains, reflecting on her decision to follow in the footsteps of her family members, who also chose teaching as their profession. Over her time at New Direction, her passion for teaching has only grown, fueled by witnessing her young charges' developmental milestones and blossoming personalities.

Patience and Personalization: Key Elements of Teaching

Taylor recalls a defining moment in her career that underscored her teaching philosophy: "Seeing students progress from struggling to control their emotions to using words to express themselves has been incredibly rewarding." This experience highlighted the importance of patience and the need to tailor educational approaches to individual developmental timelines.

New Direction Childcare  - Taylor Harris
New Direction Childcare - Taylor Harris

Engaging Young Minds with Innovative Methods

Taylor's teaching methods are characterized by active participation and creativity. From using shaving cream to shape letters to building bridges from blocks, she ensures that learning is a hands-on, exciting experience. "It's more exciting for the student when the teacher is involved," Taylor says, emphasizing the dual benefits of educational engagement and strengthening teacher-student bonds.

Creativity as a Cornerstone of Learning

In Taylor's classroom, creativity is not just encouraged; it's essential. She observes and nurtures the imaginative play that naturally emerges from the children, such as when they pretend to take their dolls to the beach at the sand table. This approach not only fuels cognitive development but also allows children to explore their world in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

Building Partnerships with Parents

Taylor believes strongly in the partnership between home and school. She communicates with parents about their children's progress and upcoming developmental milestones. "Sending home fun activities for the weekend or advising parents on specific areas their child may need extra help with are some ways I ensure continuity in learning and development," she shares.

Influences from Childhood

Reflecting on her educational challenges, Taylor brings a personal understanding to her role, remembering the teachers who supported her when she struggled. This empathy informs her dedication to providing individualized support and advocacy for each of her students.

New Direction Childcare  - Taylor Harris
New Direction Childcare - Taylor Harris

Beyond the Classroom: Dreams and Adventures

If not teaching, Taylor imagines a career as a neonatal nurse practitioner, combining her love for childcare and medical care. Her adventurous spirit, exemplified by her daring trek across a precarious tree stump over a stream, mirrors her approach in the classroom—encouraging children to take risks and explore their capabilities.

A Superpower Wish for Empathy

If given a choice of superpowers, Taylor would choose the ability to soothe her students' mental anguish instantly, a reflection of her deep empathy for the frustrations young learners often face.

"Treat your students with the respect and kindness you wish for yourself, as you are laying the foundation for their future." — Taylor Harris

Advice for Future Educators

Taylor offers advice for those aspiring to make their mark in education: "Always treat your students with the respect and kindness you would wish for yourself. You are setting the foundation for their future, so give them all the knowledge and support you can."

Rock Star Educator - Taylor Harris
Rock Star Educator - Taylor Harris

Taylor Harris—A Guiding Light for Toddlers at New Direction

Taylor Harris exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding educator—empathy, creativity, and a genuine commitment to student development. At New Direction Childcare, she inspires her young students and their families, proving that a teacher's influence extends far beyond the classroom. Her story is a testament to the power of passionate teaching and the profound impact it can have on children's lives.


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