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Nicole Holmes: Bringing Fun and Fundamentals to New Direction Childcare

Nicole Holmes: Bringing Fun and Fundamentals to New Direction Childcare
Nicole Holmes: Bringing Fun and Fundamentals to New Direction Childcare
"In my classroom, joy is at the forefront. We engage in play, exploration, and learning in the most exciting and enjoyable ways possible."

Meet Nicole Holmes - New Direction Childcare
Meet Nicole Holmes - New Direction Childcare

At New Direction Childcare, our staff members are not just educators but innovators, motivators, and inspirations. Among them is Nicole Holmes, a dedicated Toddler Teacher who has been nurturing our little ones for the past four years. With a personal lineage steeped in education and a naturally fun-loving approach, Nicole has become a cornerstone of our toddler program. We had the opportunity to delve into her teaching philosophy, methods, and the joy she brings to the classroom daily.

A Family Legacy of Teaching

Nicole's journey into teaching was almost written in the stars. Inspired by her mother, a revered Head Start teacher specializing in working with children with autism, and influenced by other family members, Nicole stepped into education with a profound desire to be a positive role model. "My mother taught me everything I know, and I want to pass on that legacy of caring and effective teaching to my students," Nicole shares.

Teaching Style Rooted in Personal Experience

One of Nicole's most formative experiences was observing her mother's patient and tailored approach to education, significantly shaping her teaching style. Nicole emphasizes the importance of politeness and social skills in her classroom, believing that these early interactions form the foundation of a well-rounded individual. "I try to instill good manners and respect in my little ones, just as my mother did," Nicole explains.

Innovative and Engaging Learning Methods

When it comes to teaching toddlers, Nicole knows that engagement is critical. Her classroom is a vibrant hub of creative play where children dress up, assume roles, and express themselves freely. This encouragement of creative play helps foster imagination and social skills among her students. "They love dressing up and playing different roles. It's amazing to see their personalities shine through in creative play," says Nicole.

Collaboration with Parents

Nicole understands the crucial role of continuity between home and school environments. She communicates openly with her parents, especially regarding significant milestones like potty training. "Starting potty training is a big step, and I make sure the parents are involved and informed so we can work together to support the child," she notes.

Nicole Holmes - Washington, DC
Nicole Holmes - Washington, DC

Memories That Shape Methods

Reflecting on her childhood, Nicole recalls school trips to DC and Hershey Park as highlights that brought learning to life. These experiences influence her to make her classroom a fun and adventurous space. "I loved those trips; they made learning fun and memorable. That's what I strive to create in my classroom every day—a sense of adventure and joy."

Beyond Teaching: A Heart for Mental Health

Before becoming a teacher, Nicole worked in mental health for 15 years, a background that enriched her understanding of her students' emotional and psychological needs. "My experience in mental health helps me recognize and nurture the mental well-being of my toddlers," she explains.

A Fun-Filled Approach to Teaching

Nicole's adventurous spirit is evident in her dynamic teaching style. She is about getting down on the floor to play, run, and engage directly with her kids. "My classroom is a place of joy. We run, play, and learn in the most fun ways possible," she says, emphasizing the importance of active, engaged learning.

Nicole Holmes - Super Power
Nicole Holmes - Super Power

A Wish for Classroom Superpowers

If she could choose a superpower, Nicole would choose the ability to clean up messes instantly with a snap of her fingers—a handy skill when working with energetic toddlers!

Advice for Aspiring Teachers

Nicole advises aspiring teachers straightforwardly and sincerely: "Love what you do and do it well. Teaching is not just a job; it's a passion. If you put your heart into it, the rewards are immeasurable."

Rock Star Educator - Nicole Holmes
Rock Star Educator - Nicole Holmes

Nicole Holmes—A Beacon of Fun and Learning

Nicole Holmes embodies the spirit and dedication that New Direction Childcare prides itself on. Her approach not only educates but also delights, ensuring that our youngest learners develop in an environment that is as nurturing as it is stimulating. Nicole continues to inspire her students and their families, proving that teaching with love and fun isn't just practical—it's transformative.


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